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// A powerful Icecast SaaS Cloud platform

Icecast Hosting

Discover the pioneer in online radio streaming, Premium Icecast Hosting, from So what’s Icecast, you ask? It’s the ultimate suite of professional tools for broadcasters. With premium Icecast hosting, Your listeners never have to miss a beat, and your station will be at the forefront of broadcasting innovation.

You deserve a powerful tool to broadcast your sound as you see fit. Whether it’s a one-time event or something that has to run 24/7,

We have the tools and the know-how to help you with any of your broadcasting needs. We’re here for you from the basics of start and stop times through the latest in streaming techniques and trends.

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// We Carry More Than20 Years Of Experience
A powerful Icecast Hosting SaaS Cloud Platform for Online Web Radios

Premium IceCast Hosting Cloud Streaming Plans

Start your own internet radio station with for starting from $3.00 Monthly

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Start Your Own Internet Radio Station from Home

It’s time to take your show to the next level with our premium MediaCP Icecast Hosting. With cutting-edge features like scheduled recording and automated stats, it’s never been easier to start your radio show or podcast. So start your free trial today!

Icecast EU Cloud

Full HTTPS Icecast cloud server Support up to 10000 Listeners
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Icecast US Cloud

Full HTTPS Icecast cloud server Support up to 10000 Listeners
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// Radio Streaming Hosting with zero loss in quality
Lossless (FLAC)
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// Radio Server Software

Radio Server Feature Comparison

Shoutcast 1 Shoutcast 2.5 Shoutcast 2.6.1 Icecast
OGG / Opus
No Support
No Support
No Support
No Support
No Support
No Support
SSL Proxy
SSL Proxy
AutoDJ or Live
No Support
AutoDJ / Liquidsoap

Liquidsoap Cloud AutoDJ Support MP3 and AAC only

// Select Panel

Radio Control Panels


MediaCP Panel is a Powerful Audio Streaming Control Panel that provides an interface to manage all your streaming media services in one location, GeoIP Country Locking, Custom Domains, Secure native HTTPS streaming are the unique features that come with MediaCP.

Sonic Panel
SonicPanel is an advanced full radio hosting control panel for managing all your radio. Inserting jingles live to the stream, inserting text to voice by real human pro voices, using a microphone, and inserting your own voice like a jingle are the unique features that come with SonicPanel
Centova Cast is a Powerful Stream Management panel that allows you to Manage single or multiple stations with ease or automate a stream hosting business with thousands of clients. Centova Cast can handle virtually any stream hosting scenario
// We Carry More Than20 Years Of Experience

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