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What Is ShoutCast Hosting

SHOUTcast proprietary server software for streaming media over the Internet. The software developed by Nullsoft and Shoutcast powered the creation of thousand of Internet radio “stations” .Shoutcast media server support of streaming content as MP3 and HE-AAC more information can be obtain from

  • Monthly Price
  • Listeners up to
  • Monthly Bandwidth
  • Streaming Bitrate
  • Includes
  • CentovaCast V3
  • Android APP
  • Free
  • 100
  • 100GB
  • 128 Kbps
  • 1GB AutoDj
  • N/A
  • $10.00 / mo
  • 1000
  • Unmetered
  • 128 Kbps
  • 25GB AutoDj
  • Free
  • $30.00 / mo
  • 3000
  • Unmetered
  • 128 Kbps
  • 100GB AutoDj
  • Free

Why ComCities With ShoutCast

Since 2002, We’ve provided something much more valuable — our genuine passion for shoutcast hosting. We’re so passionate about our products that we offer 99.9% uptime and a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

CentovaCast – V3 Streaming Radio Hosting Control Panel

SHOUTcast web-based management console – Centova Cast is the world’s most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel.Manage a single station or automate a stream hosting business with thousands of clients. Centova Cast can handle icecast, shoutcast and centovacast v3 includes the latest in features such as automated song requests, dj manager with automated switching from auto dj to live broadcast (xFade) and more.

FREE ShoutCast Flash Player

SHOUTcast Hosting Plan come with most advance shoutcast mp3 & aac supported flash player, Embed it onto your website with simple copy & paste Code. Flash player Works with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and yes it free, You Will Receive the Code to Insert it on your Website with your welcome letter.

Mobile Support – $20/mo

create a relay of your SHOUTcast streams with the exclusive SHOUTcast re-streaming capability to deliver the best sounding AAC/MP3 audio to the biggest audiences on the Internet and it has never been easier. You can configure the SHOUTcast URL and began rebroadcasting immediately to Flash, Silverlight, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and MORE.

Android App

Turn Your Internet Radio Stations into Android Apps.The application will be available on the Google Play Store and your listeners will be able to download your radio app from google play.Android App is a native android live streaming app and come with Play/Pause/Stop Live Radio Stream with Supported MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC formats.

Bandwidth Calculator

Listeners Bitrate Hours / day Days / month Total / month

ShoutCast Plans Specifications

  • Unmetered Bandwidth is supplied under a Fair Use Policy whereby your radio can use as much bandwidth as required unless it affects the performance of other users on shared servers. If your radio reaches this point and is seen as a high-volume server we will contact the customer to discuss options and we will cap Listener limits to less number.
  • Stream Network Locations : USA, German and UK
  • is an authorised retailer for Platinum Online, All respective trademarks remain the property of their owners, and are used for descriptive purposes only. You are responsible for meeting the legal requirements for your station
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