A Complete Review of Imunify360 Features For Web Hosting Servers

If you are working on a web server, then you know how important security is. It is mandatory to secure a web server that not only protects the hoster assets but also will safeguard the entire customer’s data from hackers. The main aim of looking for the perfect security solution is that you can safeguard the corporate data and keep the business running smoothly without any security issues.

In that list, Imunify360 holds a special place as it is a comprehensive security suite that is mainly built for Linux web servers. The Imunify360 features come with Anti-virus, Firewall, WAF, PHP, patch management, security layer, and other advanced automation. In this imunify360 review, we will discuss every feature of this software.  

About Imunify360:

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security platform that is mainly designed for web-hosting users for web server security and website protection. Most people consider this software as anti-virus or WAF, but you need to know that it functions more than beyond.

The main role of imunify360 is to detect, fix, and protect any threat which is encountered by the web-hosting server. Even the imunify360 logo will determine its features, as it will act like a shield or RapidScan which will scan all malware attacks in a short period.


You can give it a try to Imunify360;

  • If you want multi-layered security for your web server as it offers complete security in which all the components will work together
  • If looking for an automated security solution that will keep your server safe and secured at all the levels
  • If you want to achieve another level of security by minimizing the ticket support, reducing server load, and enhancing the relationship between your clients

With Imunify360 features, you can forget about the false alarm and keep both your business and website protected. 

Imunify360 vulnerability:

One of the easiest ways of attacking a site is through the Content Management System (CMS), and the most popular CMS is WordPress. The hackers have done a “brute-force attack” and here the hacker will attack the site by using the frequently used passwords. 

Imunify360 has identified this vulnerability in the plugin in July 2020, and at the time they discovered it was installed on more than 800 websites. So, to fix this vulnerability of imunify360 WordPress the site has introduced the latest version called bb version of 2.6.5, as the older version 2.6.0 to 2.6.4 didn’t come with stronger security.

The bbpress is used by more than 300,000 WordPress users and this latest version has blocked 10,000 potential attacks on around 8000 websites. 


How to install imunify360?

The imunify360 install process is simple and easy, and some of the control panels are imunify360 Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Cyberpanel, and a system without a control panel. 

Here are the steps for the installation of imunify360;

  • Before starting the installation, you need an activation key or IP-based license address, which is available on your purchase
  • After this, you will either get a 14-day trial period from the CLN portal or if you don’t have a CLN account then visit their site to activate the trial page
  • If you have a paid account then you will find the license key in the welcome mail
  • For installation, you need to open an SSH connection into your server using a preferred SSH console application
  • There are a few following scripts that you need to run with the activation key to start the installation process. You can find the scripts in detail in imunify360 official documentation
  • Once the scripting is done, you can check the control panel interface and you will find imunify360 in the plugin section
  • If you want to go from trial to paid service, you can simply click the upgrade option rather than reinstalling it again

Imunify360 features:

  • Imunify360 is a complete multi-layered system security platform and it comes with features like
  1. Advanced firewall/WAF
  2. IDS/IPS
  3. Virus and malware scanning and removal is automated
  4. Malicious PHP script detection and blocking it
  5. Kernel patch updating
  6. Web host panel integration
  • It helps in stopping the latest attack such as
  1. Brute force attacks
  2. Vulnerability exploitation
  3. DoS
  4. Port scanning and others
  • Using Imunify360 it is easy to secure the websites as the system is fully automated so it will keep the server safe and eliminates the human error
  • It comes with Al-powered herd protection which aggregates and leverages threat intelligence from other installations
  • It has an integrated security console which is built into the hosting control panel 
  • You will get technical support 24*7 and they will provide immediate solutions for all your queries and problems
  • The Imunify360 will address immediately if there is any security flaw

Products available:

  • Imunify360

Offers the multi-layer security system

  • ImunifyAV+

The malware can be scanned and removed with one single click and the entire system will get cleaned up

  • ImunifyAV

The free malware detection service is available for the lifetime

  • Imunify QuickPatch+

Here the vulnerability scanner for Plesk is available 


  • The single-user server starts at $12 per server per month and for bulk pricing, you will get $5 per server
  • Up to 30 servers can be used per month if you pay $25 and for bulk pricing, it is $10 per server
  • Up to 250 servers can be used per month at the cost of $35 and it is $14 per server with bulk pricing
  • You can go for the unlimited users per server if you pay $45 and $20 per server with bulk pricing


Bottom Line:

Imunify360 features will be the perfect security solution for the web-hosting servers and it goes beyond anti-virus and WAF. This is a fully automated service so it will collect all the data under the intuitive dashboard. 

Also, they are running the best customer support page and are available 24/7 for help. You can search for an answer for your query in the knowledgebase, submit a support ticker, give a call, or even connect to the chat members through the chat options.